10 Tips For Handling Your Period While Traveling

As a woman who is in the age range where menstruating happens, my vaginal and biological health are very important to me. I often see women who are concerned about getting caught in the wrong part of their menstrual cycle while traveling abroad. Have no fear, Traveling Black Spinster is here with all the tips you need regarding handling your period while traveling.

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Bring Your Own Period Products

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I once had a friend of mine tell me this super fun story of when she used products that she bought abroad. She was lucky to get this nice allergic reaction that caused her vagina to swell up and start itching. What woman wouldn’t want to have a vagina that is having a full blown infection? The answer to that would be practically all women.

This is why I always tell women to pack their own period products. I mean this for every trip. Even if you aren’t expecting to get your period, you should still pack a few products for surprises. This is especially the case if you are traveling long distances where the time changes are drastic. Periods are temperamental and sometimes travel can cause a period to pop up.

Period products are not the same in every country. They may not even be readily available in every country. You also don’t want to end up buying a product that will later cause an infection or an irritation. You also want to make sure that you have your own Tylenol or Midol while abroad. This is because the products might now be available and in some cases it will require a prescription.

Consider a Menstrual Cup:

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There are a few reasons why a menstrual cup will improve the “period while traveling” experience. If you are a backpacker, then a menstrual cup is way more convenient than using tampons or pads. When you are on the trail there won’t always be a way to get rid of your tampons.

Unless you are a terrible person who is just throwing used tampons into the wild, you will have to carry them with you. You will have to string them up with your food to prevent bears and animals from coming around. Overall it isn’t the best or most convenient way to travel. Also, if you are throwing used tampons out into the wild, the dried blood will attract animals. That is not only gross, but potentially dangerous to other travelers.

If you decide to use the cup then you can keep some water and wipes with you. You can clean out your cup with a bit of water and wipe your wands after. A menstrual cup is also really good for long travel days since you won’t have to change it as often as a tampon or pad. Food for thought.

Skip Placebo Week:

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For people that are taking the pills as birth control there is a placebo week where you typically get your period. I know some women who will skip this week, start a new pack, and skip their period so that they don’t get it during their trip. This isn’t fool proof and isn’t a guarantee to work.

Period While Traveling Tips:

  1. Watch out for diet changes. Sometimes drastic changes in diet can bring an early period. If you are planning to gorge yourself then you might be asking for an early period. Try to eat similar to how you usually do with a few treats here and there.
  2. Watch out for the time changes. Make sure that you are taking into account the difference in time when you are scheduling your birth control so that you aren’t messing up your schedule.
  3. Some countries have discriminatory practices regarding women and their periods. You may not be allowed to go into certain baths, spas, or churches. This doesn’t mean that you should broadcast what is going on in your biology, but it may be a practice you want to respect.

There you have it. A short guide to handle your period while traveling.

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