The 10 Best European Cities to Visit Alone

There is a lot that goes into making a list of the “best” of anything. For this post I wanted to find European cities that were affordable for most travelers, had a variety of activities for a variety of travelers, and would be considered safe. So here you have it, my pick for the 10 best European cities to visit alone.

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Alfama, Lisbon, Colors, Portugal, Europe

Lisbon is a great place for some solo travel. Not only is the geography absolutely amazing but it is one of the cheaper European cities that is very affordable. Lisbon is also a great place for backpackers and budget travelers since it’s easy to cut costs in the city. You can check out my complete guide to Lisbon prices right here.


Castle, Edinburgh, Ghosts, Scotland

There are a lot of posts that I have made that talk about the greatness of Scotland. It is an incredibly progressive country that has a real respect for women. Not only is it safe for women in general but it is safe for people of color and I heard of racial confrontations being a common occurrence. You can check out my Scotland solo travel guide right here.


London, Tower Bridge, Bridge, Monument

London is on the list for one of the best European cities to visit alone because it is incredibly diverse. This diversity applies to the people who live there, the food that they offer, and the activities that you can participate in while you tour the city.

What I love about London is that it is steeped in history and also deeply connected to the modern world. Any traveler can appreciate the influence that you will find from the African and south Asian influences. If you are looking for some ideas, you can find my guide to London solo travel right here.


Vienna, Night, Austria, Belvedere

Vienna is an art lovers dream. Vienna really has it all when it comes to art. This includes the architecture of the building, the theaters, operas, and museums are unmatched in other cities. Vienna has also developed quite the wine culture and you will find several wineries within and around the city. After doing your research, I’m sure you will find several different activities to participate in. The plus is that Vienna is a super walkable city.


Berlin Cathedral, Building, Architecture

Berlin is an intriguing place for any solo traveler. Any place with cheap beer (that you can drink at 18) and good food, should be on the bucket. I personally will be there in December of 2019. You can also find several museums and markets where you can really get a feel for the European city.

In most cases a traveler will find Berlin to be very safe but I have heard that there are some neighborhoods on the eastern part of the city that can be dangerous and even racist but most of the good side is on the west side of the city.


Acropolis, Temple, Parthenon, Athens

Greece was one of my first international solo trips. I spent over a week in the city and there is so much that the city has to offer. Not only is the food absolutely amazing and affordable but I thought that the people were amazing. There are also several day trips that you can take from Athens. I would also suggest that if you go, you try to hit up a few of the islands.

There is almost nothing that you can’t get done in Athens. It’s laid back vibes are contagious. It is also an incredibly walk able city and I didn’t find the need to have a car. The public transportation is amazing and super easy to use as well.


Barcelona, City, Spain, Sagrada Familia

Barcelona is a very romantic city. By romantic I mean that there is beautiful scenery and an energy to the city that is very sexy and intriguing. Once you have been there, it is obvious why people fall in love with it. I suggest you leave some room in your suitcase because you are for sure going to want to go shopping.

There are so many local markets and shops that will have you swiping that credit card. Spain is a country where the siesta is popular so expect to see people taking a break mid day. Sign me up for a week of naps please!


Louvre, Pyramid, Paris, Tourism, France

As a Black woman, there is so much that I love about Paris and its history of being a mecca for Black excellence. It truly is a city for everyone and everyone should be able to find something that will wet their fancy. It is a food paradise and an artists dream. You will also find that Paris is a very safe city that is easy to maneuver. You can find my guid to solo travel in Paris right here.


Trevi Fountain, Fontana Di Trevi, Rome

I personally have been to 3 different Italian cities and I think Rome is one of the best. If nothing else, Rome should be the start of everyone’s Italian travels. There are a few things to note about Rome and overall about traveling in Italy that all solo female travelers should be aware of.

If you are planning on being in Rome you should definitely try to see as many of the tourist attractions as possible. I would get one of the passes because paying for each site by itself will get pricey. Rome is a super easy city to get around so you can pass on renting a car and take to the streets on feet. Rome is easily one of the best cities in Europe to travel alone. You can find my Rome guide right here.


Vines, Vineyard, Wine, Wine Red

Say hello to one of the most expensive cities in Europe. I typically don’t recommend expensive places to my subscribers but Geneva is going to be one of the exceptions. There are ways that you can save money while in Geneva including staying in a hostel or Airbnb. You can also be strategic about where you eat and how much money you are going to spend on activities.

Even if you only spend 1-2 days there before heading off to another location, it is totally worth it. I want to give a shout out to Jetsetter Jen for her post that inspired me. You can find her here.


Amsterdam, Canals, Netherlands, Holland

One of my recent posts (which you can find here) was about solo travel. Amsterdam is consistently on the lists of best European cities to visit alone and there is a reason. Not only can Amsterdam be a pretty affordable city for travelers, but it is incredibly safe.

Safety is probably the number one concern for most solo female travelers so I want to recommend places where safety is less of a concern. You can find my guide to Amsterdam solo travel right here.

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There you have it. 10 different ideas for the best European cities to travel alone. Travel safe my friends!